Welcome to Dent Consultores

We are a consulting company that specializes in financial and strategic consulting, providing personalized quality service for companies and foreign investors.

Dent Consultores specializes in providing consulting services to companies, ranging from basic accounting services to general organization operations.

With over 35 years experience, Dent Consultores provides customers with a personalized service that includes its management’s experience, the prestigue and confidentiality with which it completes its work; which is why the client roster is private. These characteristics generate a clear conveniece for the owner/management of a company.

With our services we can help you maintain financial order and if any banking procedures are needed, you can count on the counsel of our company, which will help you deliver the information needed by the bank, due to its executives experience in banking.

If you have questions on dealing efficiently and in order with your company’s finances, Dent Consultores can become the option you need. Our team will gladly assist you and explain the benefits obtained by using our services.

In times when effective resource management and maintaining financial order in a company is of vital importance, counting on the support of consultants that possess the knowledge and experience of managing a company in an efficient manner, will always be beneficial to the growth and consolidation of any entity.