About Us

Dent Consultores was founded in 1975 as a company dedicated to providing financial consulting services to companies and foreign investors.

We are a financial and strategic consulting company that provides quality personalized service and aims to develop long term relationships.

This is a consulting company that offers its clients the financial/banking expertise of its executives for the adequate handling of companies’ finances. The client´s organizations size does not matter, since we work with many companies which have different structures.

Dent Consultores own real estate; it is a robust and consolidated company whose trademarks is teamwork and is always managed by its executives, who with their ample experience, will help you organize the finances of your company.

We have a highly trained team that provides support in accounting and the search for specific information.

Management at Dent Consultores handles all client relationships, which means any doubts arising will have an experts recommendation.


Dent Consultores is a company directly overseen by its owners, of Costarican capital. Its owners are:

Alberto Dent Zeledón
President, Dent Consultores

Primary Executive of the BFA Financial Group (March 1984 to December 1996). In 1996 it was acquired by Cuscatlan Financial Group and after that by Citibank.

Vicepresident of the Board of Directors for the Central Bank of Costa Rica (1998 to 2000).

Finance Minister (2001 to 2002 and 2003 to 2005).

President of the National Supervision of the Fiancial System Counsel (Conassif).

Steven Dent
General Manager, Dent Consultores

Head of Credit Card and Retail Products Department in Banco Cuscatlán during 5 years.

Credit Solutions Manager in Scotiabank for two years.

Head of Financial Institutions in Improsa Financial Group for one year.